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ADVID (the Association for the Development of Viticulture in the Douro Region) is a non-profit organisation that was established in 1982 with the aim of contributing to the modernisation of viticulture and, consequently, to the increased profitability of vineyards in the Demarcated Douro Region and to the improved quality of its wines through promotional activities and the implementation and support of related studies.

Initial concerns were related to the need to produce a source of continuous information for technical decisions regarding the new terrain layouts, vineyard mechanisation, labour rationalisation, and the choice of plant material and quality of wines produced. These concerns subsequently led to the implementation of integrated protection programs and, more recently, to integrated production, an essential tool for quality production and increasingly safe products for the consumer.

The research and experimentation component, which is mainly at the pre-competitive stage of the value chain, continues to dominate a substantial part of ADVID activities. In addition, because these production methodologies integrate all technical viticulture concepts, the research and experimentation component represents a continuous source of knowledge and learning for the field of viticulture.

It should be noted that a substantial part of the recognition and success achieved by ADVID throughout its existence results from its members’ commitment, initially from that of the founders and full members, from the permanent contribution and commitment of it technicians and from actions promoted by the association, and later from the enlargement of the association, the addition of new members, and from the support and cooperation provided by all members. Members’ contributions have enabled the formation of a working team that is increasingly able to meet the most demanding challenges in the field of viticulture.

The properties of the associates scattered throughout the Demarcated Douro Region and the equipment available at the respective machine pools are used to perform the field trials.

ADVID has technical resources and facilities that enable the development of research activities either in the laboratory or in real-life situations across the demarcated Douro region. 

Key events
:: 1982 - Establishment of the ADVID
:: 1997 - Amendment of the Statutes
:: 2003 - Homologation in PRODI (Integrated Production). Vineyard
:: 2007 - Establishment of the ADVID Award
:: 2008 - Creation of the Technical Advisory Committee
:: 2009 - Cluster of Douro Region Wines (Vinhos da Região do Douro)
:: 2010 - The competence for R&D (Research and Development) in viticulture is recognised
:: Present

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