WETWINE - Transnational co-operation for the conservation of wine heritage

WETWINE - Transnational co-operation for the conservation of wine heritage


The WETWINE project was a transnational cooperation initiative for the protection and conservation of the natural heritage of the wine sector in south-west Europe (SUDOE Zone). Its main goal is to promote the rational use of the territory's resources (water and soil), reducing the waste generated in the winemaking process and the contamination of soil and water.
In this context, the project proposes to provide solutions for the treatment of waste from the wine sector, based on the development of an innovative pilot trial based on the anaerobic co-digestion of effluents from wastewater treatment plants (FITOETAR).

The following activities were carried out to achieve this target:

  • Design and implementation of the wine effluent treatment system as a demonstration field;
  • Operationalisation, optimisation and validation of the treatment system;
  • Preparation of fertiliser and establishment of agronomic trials with fertiliser produced from the sludge and validation of the results in the various Designations of Origin (DO);
  • Development of design software for direct application to the wine sector (personalised pre-treatment system), based on the results obtained and the historical data collected;
  • Analysing the impact of wine effluents on natural heritage (collecting data to carry out life cycle analysis);
  • Dissemination of results through visits, preparation of good practice guides, workshops and seminars.

  • Instituto Gallego de Calidad Agraria (INGACAL)
  • Asociación de Investigación Metalúrgica del Noroeste (AIMEN) 
  • Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • Fundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega (FEUGA)
  • Dirección General de Agricultura y Ganadería (Gobierno de la Rioja) (DGAGRIOJA)
  • Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) 
  • Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

Associated partners:
  • Bodegas Santiago Ruiz SAL
  • Real Companhia Velha
  • Murças, S.A.

Workshop "Wine Waste Management" - Regia-Douro Park, 2 September 2016 - Photos.
Circular Economy in the Wine Sector Workshop. Santiago Ruiz Winery, Rias Baixas - Spain, 23 May 2019 - Photos.

Communications and other documents relating to the project

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