Water and Heat Stress Management in the Vine

Gestão do Stresse Hídrico e Térmico da Videira



The "Management of Water and Water Stress in the Vine" project aims to analyse the impact of applying different cultural techniques that allow the vine to adapt better to the phenomenon of climate change, namely:

  • Deficit irrigation: information will continue to be collected on the impact of different deficit irrigation treatments on the viticultural and oenological behaviour of the Touriga Nacional grape variety, in collaboration with Real Companhia Velha and Rozés SA. The basic leaf water potential will be monitored, along with the evolution of the grape's ripeness and the evaluation of production parameters at harvest and pruning, in order to see how the different water regimes influence them. The aim is to carry out an in-depth characterisation of the soil profile in each of the treatments, as well as the respective root distribution, in order to characterise the behaviour of the water in the soil and assess its impact;
  • Kaolin (leaf protector against heat and light stress), in collaboration with Real Companhia Velha and UTAD;
  • Biochar (with a view to improving the soil's physical and chemical characteristics), in collaboration with Sociedade Agrícola Terras de Valdigem, UTAD and Iberomassa Florestal.