VINCI - Vin, Innovation et Compétitivité Internationale


This partnership - from France, Portugal and Spain - is made up of the promoter Université de Bordeaux and the co-promoters: Fruition Sciences, Toulouse School of Economics and Bordeaux Aquitaine Inno'vin; ADVID, UTAD and IVDP; Universidad Zaragoza, RemOT Technologies, Aragón Exterior and Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, respectively. It also has 10 associated partners, including A Wine and Soul, LDA.

The project uses a systemic approach to SMEs' upstream and downstream activities, linking the agricultural problems (production) to those of international competitiveness. It is based on two new innovative tools, one to forecast production and the other to optimize sales internationally.

Combining supply (expected production) and demand data will provide information on quantities, prices, and the most relevant export destinations. It is based on international trade models that allow estimating the market potential of the importing countries for each SUDOE region, through factors such as income level, exchange rates and a whole set of macroeconomic and microeconomic variables, such as consumer preferences (including cultural and genetic differences of the populations), demand-price elasticities, etc.

This tool to help SMEs to make decisions and adapt to the market will be made available in the form of a website (observatory) and smartphone application.

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