Terms and Conditions

ADVID - Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Viticultura Duriense (Association for the Development of Viticulture in the Douro Region), (hereinafter "ADVID") is based at the Center of Excellence for Vine and Wine - Régia Douro Park, 5000-033 Vila Real, and is the holder of tax identification number 501 263 055.

These Terms and Conditions have been organised into categories and regulate the use of the ADVID website (hereinafter the "Website") and the "Member's Reserved Area" and "Project Clime" platforms (hereinafter the "platforms"). ADVID retains the right to amend the terms and conditions whenever necessary and, therefore, advises that this document should be read regularly.

1. Content and Property Protection

Website or platform content is understood to be all the information contained therein, namely text, images, video, design, software, and programming code. All this content is property of ADVID, protected by copyright under the Portuguese and European Union laws - and, therefore, it shall not be used without the consent, expressly defined as such, of ADVID, except for private use permitted by law.

The intellectual property rights of all content belong to ADVID, including, but not limited to, the tools, information, graphics, photographs, images and text. These contents are protected by law, and ADVID rejects any type of misuse of these contents. Improper use of this data will naturally lead to liability, including criminal liability, of the offender.

Access to the contents of the Website is completely free and open. However, to access the platforms, registration is required.
ADVID holds the right to interrupt access to its Website or platforms whenever needed and for as long as it deems necessary.

2. Newsletter Registration Procedure

To follow the news published on the ADVID website, the user must subscribe to our newsletter using one of the forms available on the website. The user subscribing to our newsletter will be designated as a Subscriber.
By subscribing to the Newsletter, you explicitly agree to these Terms and Conditions and the ADVID Privacy Policy.

3. Suspend or Unsubscribe the Newsletter

At any time, the Subscriber may, through an available hyperlink in one of the newsletters sent, change their data, suspend or cancel the subscription of the Newsletter.
ADVID holds the right to interrupt the sending of the Newsletter whenever necessary and for as long as it deems appropriate.

4. Registration for ADVID Training Courses

The user may pre-register for one of the Courses or events promoted by ADVID.
The Pre-Registration will be processed by the ADVID Training And Communication Department and will only be considered final and valid after contacting the candidate and formalizing the Registration together.

5. Registration for ADVID Events

The user can Register for the events promoted by ADVID.
There are restricted events, for Members. Therefore, only Associates or their representatives may attend these events.
According to the event, registration may only be effective when confirmed by ADVID, as in those cases where prior payment is required to attend the event, or where there is a limited number of participants.

6. ADVID Associate Membership

The user of the Website may present a membership proposal, if the conditions are met, by presenting or sending by mail the original Membership Application Form, duly filled, signed and stamped.

7. Privacy Policy

To clarify your doubts about the privacy and data protection policies, click here: Privacy Policy.
By accepting the Terms and Conditions on this website, you are consenting to the collection and computer processing of your data, authorising it to be entered and kept for the necessary time in an appropriate database. The party responsible for processing the data is ADVID.
Under the terms of Law 67/98 of 26 October, users are guaranteed access to their data, and they may request its update, correction or elimination, by sending a letter to this address: Centro de Excelência da Vinha e do Vinho - Régia Douro Park, 5000-033 Vila Real or by email to: advid@advid.pt.