Taste&Feel Portugal


Taste & Feel Portugal is a project co-promoted with INOVCluster that aims to promote the internationalisation of the agro-food sector in articulation with the wine tourism sector, boosting the increase in exports of more sophisticated and differentiated goods and services linked to the territories, endogenous products and the rural world, and reinforcing the international competitiveness of North, Centre and Alentejo SMEs in this sector.

The project is presented as incremental and disruptive, constituting an integrated way of promoting the territory, its uniqueness, its natural, cultural and patrimonial heritage, its distinctive origin (Terroir) capable of giving visibility and notoriety to Portuguese products and services in international markets.

This approach reinforces and supports a strategy outlined for the Portuguese economy and collective actions, as framed in PORTUGAL2020. In particular, by directly intervening in a serious contribution to the international recognition and association of Portugal's image with the quality and sustainability of the goods and services produced in the wine tourism and agri-food industry, highlighting its sophistication and innovation and supporting SMEs in the introduction of process and marketing innovation in their international business.