Viticultural Observatory - reference plots


ADVID has been collecting viticultural, climatic and biological information since 2014, in order to support decision-making by economic agents in the sector (farm managers and others). The observatory consists of 25 plots.
The objectives of this Viticultural Observatory are:

  • The objectives of this Viticultural Observatory include: Collaboration with national and international scientific organisations, including UTAD, by providing data on phenology, climate and ripening of grape varieties in the RDD, with the aim of contributing to the development of vine phenology models as a tool to support decision-making;
  • Contributing to the fine-tuning of production forecasting models at regional and parcel level, in collaboration with FCUP;
  • Monitoring the evolution of the base water potential in order to assess the effect of different water regimes on the productive and qualitative parameters of the vine;
  • Monitoring the evolution of grape ripening in order to characterise its behaviour in the three wine-growing zones, as well as the characterisation (sugar, acids and phenolic compounds) of the Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca grape varieties throughout ripening. Monitoring the wines resulting from the vinification of grapes from the reference plots and their inclusion in the annual harvest tastings;
  • Preparation and compilation of material to support wine-growing activities and promote the practical application of knowledge, such as phytosanitary circulars, technical bulletins, the harvest potential forecast bulletin and the viticultural year bulletin.

The activities carried out within the scope of the Viticultural Observatory have the collaboration of technicians from the associate companies where the plots are located.