SFT-EDIH - Smart Sustainable Farms Foods and Trade (European Digital Innovation Hub)

SFT-EDIH - Smart Sustainable Farms Foods and Trade (European Digital Innovation Hub)


The SFT-EDIH - Smart Sustainable Farms Foods and Trade (European Digital Innovation Hub) project aims to develop, make available and supply a portfolio of digital services to support a transition of the agri-food sector to sustainable agricultural systems supported by the digitalisation of processes, which will not only increase efficiency but also the traceability and quality of the value chain from the field to the fork.

SFT-EDIH will focus on the support, dissemination and adoption of advanced digital technologies for agri-food SMEs, through the development, testing, experimentation and exploitation of emerging and sustainable practices. Due to the range of the agri-food value chain, targeting 3 main customer segments:

  • primary sector;
  • the processing industry;
  • distribution.
For the primary sector, SFT-EDIH will provide capacity building, technologies and innovative digital techniques to enable sustainable agricultural approaches, as well as providing a more sustainable intensification of production models and traditional crop yields, increasing economic value, consequently attracting new investors and markets, thus generating new jobs.

By combining the power of Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT), AI algorithms and Robotics in the agricultural production system, SFT-EDIH will deploy the building blocks that will increase yields and production quality, reducing agricultural supplies and providing an efficient production model.
Regarding transformation, the activities are directly linked to solving important issues that currently affect food processing, namely with regard to traceability, guarantee and quality, industry 4.0 and digital assessment of certifications.

Thus, firstly, SFT-EDIH directly helps agri-food SMEs tracing the supply of raw materials, linking them directly to primary sector activities. Secondly, the SFT-EDIH will also facilitate digital tools for the digitisation of transformation and robotics for the shop floor, so that food processing SMEs can correct control and quality systems affordably. Thirdly, and as a consequence, the SFT-EDIH will provide an opportunity for product valorisation to sales and distribution SMEs.

Coordinated by BGI in partnership with ADVID/CoLAB VINES&WINES, INESC-TEC, APED, Beta-i, CoLAB4Food, COTEC, COTNH, FIPA, Food4Sustainability, Fraunhofer, INIAV, IPP, ISA, ISEL, ISQ, INTEGRALAR, SF-CoLAB, SGS Portugal, UBI, UCP, UNINOVA, UTAD, SPM, Kiwa Sativa, CONFAGRI).

AVISO N.º 03/C16-i03/2022
Apresentação de candidaturas para desenvolvimento de projetos no âmbito da medida Rede Nacional de Polos de Inovação Digital (DIH)