European Partnership for the Protection of Biodiversity in Viticulture


The three-year 2015-2018) ) “European Partnership for the Protection of Biodiversity in Viticulture” project was coordinated by the German partner Bodensee-Stiftung and involved eight partners from four countries:

  • Germany: Bodensee-Stiftung, Global Nature Fund and Ecovin - Federal Association of Organic Viticulture.
  • Spain: Fundación Global Nature and La Union
  • Portugal- QUERCUS and ADVID
  • Turkey- Rapunzel Organik Tarim Urunleri

The following project targets have been defined:
  • To develop informative material on biodiversity (e.g. flyerss, identification guides, good practices guides for biodiversity, biodiversity “Roadmap” programme);
  • Promote the exchange of experiences and good practices for biodiversity between partner organisations in the four countries;
  • Develop training modules aimed at winegrowers and technicians working in organic viticulture, with the goal of promoting good practices for biodiversity conservation on their farms;
  • Identify potential negative impacts resulting from the implementation of certain wine-growing practices by carrying out a questionnaire (biodiversity check);
  • Adapt wine-growing practices to encourage biodiversity on the farm.

Project partner organisations and companies (Portugal)
  • ADVID - Project manager: Cristina Carlos ( Tlm: 913005553). Collaborating on the project: Maria do Carmo Val ( Tlm: 913887467)
  • QUERCUS - Project manager: Paula Lopes da Silva ( Tlm: 931634670)
  • Symington Vinhos SA - Quinta do Bomfim | 5085-060 Pinhão. Portugal
  • Quinta do Crasto, S.A. - Quinta do Crasto | 5060-063 Gouvinhas-Sabrosa. Portugal Real Companhia Velha
  • Real Companhia Velha - Quinta das Carvalhas | 5085-034 Pinhão. Portugal

Videos on conservation actions for biodiversity here

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