Enological potential

The strategic line Enological Potential has the main objective to contribute to the appropriate organization and managing of the wine region, making use of R&D&I activities, aiming at the application of innovative technologies and methodologies.

Based on the environmental data of varied nature (geomorphological and climatic characteristics, vegetation, forms of use), the purpose is to classify the land according to terroir elements. The association with parameters in grape evaluation will make the assessment of vine performance possible in the different terroirs.

By making use of micro-zone tools, data collection from grape maturation in loco, in real time and in a non-invasive way, enables a customised management at the plot level and the impact assessment of the terroir on the grape quality. Ultimately, it will be possible to define itineraries for the grape according to its quality and the desired type of wine, aiming at optimizing the operations in the winery and maximizing the grape enological potential.


  • Develop a SIG platform and build reference guides to support the rational use of the wine-growing territory.
  • Provide tools that will support the micro-zoning for an adequate/rational management of the wine-growing territory.
  • Set criteria that will make it possible to relate evaluation parameters of grape quality to parameters of wine quality.
  • Develop tools for grape valorisation.

This investigation line is supported by the work carried out on the following projects:
  • Metbots