G.O.T.A. - Manage, Operate and Transfer. Efficient use of Water in the vineyard: benefiting from every drop


Aware of the impact that climate change may have on the Demarcated Douro Region and the urgent need for efficient and sustainable water management, ADVID is developing the G.O.T.A. project.

Since 2002, ADVID has developed studies and activities on this topic, collecting data and transferring knowledge to the entire sector, with the involvement of member companies. Based on this work developed, the G.O.T.A. project is now intended to raise awareness among wine growers of the need for efficient management of irrigation water in the vineyard, through the internalization of knowledge, either in irrigation systems already installed or to be installed, or through the adoption of measures that allow a reduction in the volume of water to be applied, promoting more efficient management of this same resource in the cultivation of vines.

Objectives of the project:
Raise awareness among wine growers in the DDR about the importance of the energy status of water in the vine and efficient irrigation management and provide them with skills to adopt good practices for irrigation water management in the vineyard to their farms.

Associated Members:
- Real Companhia Velha
- Soc. Vinícola terras de Valdigem (Poças)
- Sogrape, Vinhos S. A.
- Symington Family Estates