GrapeMicrobiota - Metabolome-microbiota interactions in 3 grapevine varieties from the Douro region



The Grapemicrobiota project aims to explore the microterroir to increase the value of wine typicity, discarding the risks associated with spontaneous fermentation, through the study of metabolome-microbiota interactions in 3 grape varieties in the Douro region. To this end, it involves the characterisation, selection and valorisation of native yeasts from the Touriga Nacional, Sousão and Viosinho varieties.

In 2022, the planned activities will include the characterisation of the microbial community and the metabolome of the samples collected during the 2021 harvest. Extensive phenomics studies will also be conducted to select prominent yeast strains to be used as starter cultures in wine production. As in 2021, samples of the three varieties will be collected during the 2022 harvest.

Funded by FCT, this project is coordinated by the Universidade do Minho (UM), in partnership with ADVID, Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR), and the Université François-Rabelais de Tours (UFR)

Sogevinus participates as a stakeholder and provides its vineyards for the collection of samples of the varieties to be studied, as well as in the performance of large-scale fermentations.