Biodiversity in viticulture

This line of strategic interest aims at improving the functional biodiversity in the vineyard holdings, through the valuation or the installation of ecological infrastructures that will promote ecosystem services for the winegrower (ex. erosion mitigation, development of natural pest and disease control, quality improvement of grapes) and for society (water and air quality improvement, carbon sequestration, landscape valuation, promotion of leisure activities related to the region).
This investigation line has been supported by the works carried out on the following projects:

  • Good Agricultural Practices for the context of Climate Change.
  • Ecological infrastructures (EIs) in the biological protection of conservation against wine pests.
  • Partnership for Biodiversity Protection in Viticulture in Europe.
  • BioDivine – Showing Functional Biodiversity in Viticulture Landscapes.
  • ECOVITIS – Maximization of ecosystemic services in the wine regions.