Conservation and Selection of Old Vine Varieties


Since its foundation, ADVID has collaborated with the "National Network for Vine Selection" and, since 2009, with the Portuguese Association for Vine Diversity (PORVID), in the conservation of the intravarietal variability of grape varieties and in the selection of dozens of those considered most important at national level.

Within this scope, and to finalise the processes of conservation and improvement of a large number of varieties of great current interest, the following activities are being promoted:

  • morphological, agronomic, biochemical and biomolecular characterisation of clones from 13 grape varieties;
  • agronomic and technological evaluation of clones of 16 other varieties;
  • registration in the National Catalogue of Varieties of 7 clones of each of 9 varieties (Avesso, Azal Branco, Borraçal, Moscatel Galego, Moscatel Graúdo, Rabigato, Touriga Nacional, Viosinho, Vital), making a total of 63 clones.

In 2020, ADVID will continue to collaborate in morphological, agronomic and physicochemical characterisation activities of the conservation collections installed in the Douro region. In collaboration with PORVID, it also intends to organise workshops with members who collaborate in this thematic line.