ClimVineSafe - model and strategies to mitigate climate change

ClimVineSafe - model and strategies to mitigate climate change


The “ClimVineSafe project - Short-term strategies for mitigating climate change in Mediterranean viticulture” aimed to develop a model that forecasts climate change on the scale of the Douro Demarcated Region and to study short-term cultural strategies that could help minimise the effects of climate change on Mediterranean viticulture.

As summarised in one of the present studies, significant increases in thermal indexes are projected for the future climate, while decreases in pluviometric indexes are projected, particularly in the southern interior of Portugal. In view of the above, it is foreseeable that in the coming decades there will be a redistribution of Portuguese wine-growing regions, thus emphasising the need to develop appropriate adaptation and/or mitigation measures in terms of recommended grape varieties and rootstocks, as well as cultural practices, to help maintain the typicity of the wines.

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