Climate Evaluation in the Douro region

Climate Evaluation in the Douro region


Climate change is a global problem with an impact on viticulture and the wine industry. Seeking local and regional solutions that can respond to this problem is the aim of the study to analyse and understand how the climate works in the Douro region, an essential condition for projecting future scenarios and anticipating appropriate responses to the new climate reality.

To carry out this project, ADVID enlisted the collaboration of the prestigious American scientist Gregory Jones (Southern Oregon University), a specialist in studying the consequences of climate change on viticulture.
The project includes three complementary actions:

  • Evaluation of the Douro Region's climate - analysing past, present and future climatic conditions for wine production;
  • Defining the most effective adaptation strategies;
  • Forecasting the consequences of climate change on wine quality.


Communications and other documents regarding the Project

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The Climate of the Douro - Structure, Trends and Mitigation and Adaptation Responses to a Changing Climate. 18º Congresso GIESCO, Porto 2013

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