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 For the 8th edition of the ADVID Award, from a set of works selected by the ADVID Board, the Jury decided to award the ADVID 2016 Award - Prof. Pedro Amaro to the work:

The exogenous application of kaolin boosts the antioxidant capacity and phenolic content in grapevine berries and leaves under summer stress

Authors: Lia-Tânia Dinis, Sara Silva Bernardo, Artur Jorge da Silva Conde, Diana Pimentel, Helena Maria Fernandes Ferreira, Luís Félix, Hernâni Gerós, Carlos Manuel Correia, and José Moutinho-Pereira.

This work was developed by a research team from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, the University of Porto, and the University of Minho, dedicated to studying the application of kaolin on leaves as a strategy to decrease the impact of heat and drought on Douro vineyards. The climate change that has been felt, namely through heat waves, high intensity of light, and water deficit, is becoming a major threat in many wine growing areas around the world, so the implementation of affordable, efficient, mitigation strategies is critical for the production of premium wines, while maintaining productivity.

In 2016 ADVID decided to honour Professor Pedro Amaro, PhD, giving his name to the Award.

Prof. Pedro Amaro, PhD (1926-2014) performed as a full Professor of the Higher Institute of Agronomy (ISA-UL), was decorated with the Order of Public Instruction, was the Chairman of the National Institute of Agrarian Research, and the Chairman of the European Council of Herbology, among others positions he held. In Portugal he pioneered the teaching of Phytopharmacology, Herbology, and Integrated Protection, and was the main person responsible for the implementation of Protection and Integrated Production strategies in plant production, with special emphasis and success in vineyard cultivation. He has a vast work published on these topics, and always showed a great connection, knowledge, and commitment towards the well-being of viticulture in the Douro Demarcated Region.

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