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Partnership for Biodiversity Protection in Viticulture in Europe

European Partnership for Biodiversity Protection in Viticulture

European project, with a duration of 3 years (2015-2018), which involves eight partners from four European countries:

- Germany-Bodensee-Stiftung, Global Nature Fund and Ecovin-Federal Association of Organic Viticulture
Spain- Global Nature Foundation and La Union
- Portugal- QUERCUS and ADVID
Turkey- Rapunzel Organik Tarim Urunleri

Being coordinated by the German partner Bodensee-Stiftung.

Flyer project - PT e Eng

Fact Sheet - PT e Eng 

Identification Guide “Species diversity in viticulture” - Eng

Guidance Biodiversity Check - Eng 

Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) - Eng 
Excel file – Biodiversity Action Plan Vine Growers EN

Educational videos - here




Responsible for project management: Cristina Carlos |  Tlm: 913005553
Collaborator in the project: Maria do Carmo Val |  Tlm: 913887467


Responsible for project management: Paula Lopes da Silva |  Tlm: 931634670

Associated Companies that collaborate in the project:

Symington Vinhos SA - Quinta do Bomfim | 5085-060 Pinhão. Portugal

Quinta do Crasto, S.A. - Quinta do Crasto | 5060-063 Gouvinhas-Sabrosa. Portugal

Real Companhia Velha - Quinta das Carvalhas | 5085-034 Pinhão. Portugal


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