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Participation in the 17th International Symposium GIESCO

06-09-2011 | ADVID
Organised by the Arboriculture Department of the University of Turin, the 17th International Symposium GiESCO (Group of International Experts of Vitivinicultural Systems for CoOperation) was held from 29 August to 2 September in Asti and Alba, Italy. ADVID was present through Fernando Alves, its technical director, and the researcher Gregory Jones.
The subjects and themes presented included the following:

:: Climate change
    - Modelling, zoning, plant material, impacts of extremes, effect of deacclimation and strategies to reduce effects.

:: Effect of bunch (berry) temperature.
     - Strategies to reduce bunch temperature.

:: Canopy management
    - Shoot trimming and particularly leaf removal

:: New technologies
    - Non-destructive sensing of berry quality (focusing on the use of Multiplex) and spatial extrapolation of water status based on physiological indicators.

:: Berry shrivelling

:: Water use efficiency and management, components of the balance of radiation of vines, as well as the effect of deficit irrigation on vines.

:: Renewed importance of studying rootstocks for various different areas of knowledge, highlighted as an important tool to control yield and reduce the effects of climate change.

The papers presented at the Symposium will be made available on the GiESCO website.
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