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IDARN - Seminar “Wine | Quality and health implications”

04-05-2012 | ADVID
INFOVINHO - a thematic information and dissemination network aimed at the wine and winegrowing sector that will provide periodical and integrated knowledge and technical and scientific information to those involved in the sector, to ensure the sustainable development of the activity.
This was the framework for the Seminar Wine | Quality and health implications, accomplished on 30 May, in Porto, and discussed various issues related to the wine sector, a sector of growing importance in Portugal and Europe.

Papers were presented on various subjects, including sustainability, beneficial effects on consumer health and on the sensory characteristics of the product, as well as the advantages of moderate wine consumption. 

ADVID was represented by António Graça, a member of its board, who presented a paper entitled "Grapevine's genetic resources conservation in Portugal. Promoting wine business sustainability".

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